How to Access Blocked Sites or Restricted Content in Your Country

Different countries have different cyber and content censorship laws. These laws also apply to the content that is allowed to be accessed in that country over internet. For that reason these countries block some specific websites that offer that type of content. That means if you are trying to access the blocked sites you will get an error. Many Torrent and adult sites are banned in many country. Even Facebook, Google and youtube are banned in some countries.

Many popular sites especially video streaming websites have restricted access in some countries. e.g. the channels do not stream FIFA matches in India. While we access internet from our browsers, our system communicate with the web server through internet. When we try to access any resource by our ISP the firewall of ISP block the request and our system get an error message like “This site can’t be reached” or “This Webpage cannot be reached”.

So what to do if you want to access any blocked website? No need to worry. There are always alternate options. You can access blocked websites by these methods.

#1 Secure Browsing

Requesting a web url in secure mode may work sometime for some websites. but it may not work always, but its worth a try at first. It works for the sites hosted in VPS or Dedicated servers and have an unverified SSL installed for that domain name. To use this trick append https in the beginning of the url. i.e. instead of

#2 By Changing DNS

DNS stores the information about all the sites around the world. The websites can be blocked  at ISP level by adding them to DNS’s blocked list. In this case the blocked sites can be accessed by using Google DNS or OpenDNS in place of DNS provided by your ISP. See how to use GoogleDNS and OpenDNS.

#3 By Changing Proxy

The proxy server acts as intermediary in the request to web server. The request made to proxy server bypass the ISP firewall. The proxy server receives the request and send to the requested web server. In response web server pass the requested  data to proxy server which then pass to the system which has made the request. For the websites restricted by the web server for some specific regions, Proxy server disguise the web server as the request source and send the request response, which then pass to the actual client system .

There are many ways to use proxies.

1. Using Proxy Websites

There are many proxy websites available on the internet. Some popular free proxy sites are,, etc. Visit these websites, Select the server and enter the website url you want to access and there you go.

2. Adding Proxy in the browser setting

A proxy layer can be added to the web browser you are using. Here is the process to add proxy in Google Chrome. For that you need a proxy server IP and Port number. There are sites having lists of free proxy servers. Some of these are,, etc. Visit any of these and copy the IP and Port of a proxy server.

  • Click setting from the dropdown on top right of the browser window.
  • Go to the bottom and click Advanced Option. Again scroll to the end and click on open proxy settings
  • A new window will be opened. Here click on the LAN settings.

  • Again new window will be opened. Now checkbox in the proxy server section. Enter Proxy server IP you have copied and enter the port number. Click ok and surf the blocked sites in your browser.

3. Use proxy extenstion

There are several proxy extensions for the browsers. Go to extensions page, Search proxy and you will have the list of all the extensions available for the browser.

#4 Using VPN

Virtual Private Network is the best method to access blocked sites. It also provide security and complete anonymity  for the users over internet. There are free as well as premium VPN softwares available.,, VPN unlimited, Free VPn are some free VPN softwares for windows. You can also use VPN extensions for your web browser. There are many free extensions available for Chrome. Proxy SwitchySharp, HideMyAss, Hotspot Shield VPN, Touch VPN are some chrome VPN extensions.


Each method described above may not work always or may not wok smoothly. So you can try other method if one doesn’t work for you.

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