Flourishing Animation and VFX industry in India

Animation is not only what we see in animated movies or shows. Animation and Visual Effects(VFX) has become an irreplaceable  part of movies and TV industry. Several scenes in a mainstream movie, which are impossible to shoot are done with the help of the animation. The animation in movies appear so realistic, you can not even differentiate in real shots and animated shots. The dragons in Game of Thrones looks pretty much like the living ones. Now-a-days, animation is used in medical, architecture visualization, mechanical and forensics. Moreover in education, it can used to explain theory and concepts to students in a more convincing manner.

VFX is the process of creating visually-enhanced imagery with the help of computer graphics. VFX, like animation, is a broad term. There are different techniques of creating visual effects like augmented reality, crowd simulation, projection mapping, camera mapping, motion capture, sound and light effects. One or a combination of these techniques can produce the desired result. VFX is a way of mixing real shots with the animated. The location which can’t be replicated e.g. Space and the scene which can not be shot in reality e.g. destroying a whole city are created using VFX technology.

indian animation industry
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The animation and VFX industry in India is flourishing. India is harnessing the finest talent in the industry. According to KMPG report, Indian animation industry reached to Rd 59.5 billion in 2016 with a increase of 16.4%. The VFX being the major contributor with a 31% growth. According to the report 85% of this growth was because of outsourced projects from Movies and TV shows.

The animation and VFX industry is expected to reach Rs 131.7 billion up to 2021 at a compound annual growth rate of 17.2%, with a 9.5% in animation and 25% growth per year in VFX.

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Indian Animators are offering their services to Indian as well as foreigner clients especially in Hollywood. Having a very talented minds in the business and a significant cost advantage, the Hollywood makers are looking towards India for animation and VFX work. Indian animation artists and technicians cost 70% less than that of USA.

Best work by Indian Animation Industry

The beginning of animation in India dates back to 1956, when one local studio invited animators from disney to train them. A year later, the first animated movie The Banyan Deer by Films Division of India. It has been a long road since then with lot of ups and downs.

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But transition started few years later when some big production houses of Hollywood started to outsource  VFX work to India. Oscar winner Life of  Pi,  Puss in Boots, Penguins of Madagascar are some masterpieces, people won’t believe were worked upon India. 95% of the work on Life of Pi  is done in Rhythm & Hues studio in Bengaluru. Most of the work in Penguins of Madagascar is also done in India. 

The epic TV series Game of Thrones,  Angelina Jolie’s Maleficent and animated How to train your Dragon are some other projects of Hollywood done in India.

The Dragons of Essos in the Game of Thrones are created in Goregaon Mumbai based Prana Studio. “The producers wanted creatures that had a high level of sophistication for any television series, and very realistic and engaging as the characters of creatures,” Arish Fyzee, CEO and creative director of Prana Studios said.

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800 visual artists, animators and light, sound and technology experts started the work to create the dragons and show them doing what they do. The scene where Khaleesi rides Dragon, was actually shot with actor Emilia Clarke riding on a big dragon shaped machine with hydraulics. Apart from dragons, this studio also created set and crowd extensions for the series.

Indian Productions

The animation artists in india were doing the work for big Hollywood production in complete  anonymity. People do not know that the mind blowing animated or visual effect scene they are watching is made in a studio somewhere in India. Having such a talent which are being invested for the ideas of some outsider, now the Indian studios are also working for own projects with local producers/directors.

In home production Indian animators has developed movies like HanumanArjun: The Warrior Prince, Krishna Aur Kans etc. The 2014 film Chaar Sahibzaade  of Harry Baweja, was a box office hit.

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But Indian animators got the recognition to their work in Visual Effects  from the blockbuster bollywood  movie series Baahubali.  It  is the most successful home venture of Indian animators in the home production. The Makuta Visual Effects studio of Hyderabad was behind the high quality  visual effects in the movie. The success of Baahubali  will be a boost for the Animation and VFX Industry in India.

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