Best online tools for writing in Hindi

Hindi language is an integral part of linguistic communication in India. It is widely used for the official work in different department. Sometimes we need to write in Hindi for some casual conversation, to share something in social media or to write an article for a blog or website. But in this world of computers, it is not easy to type in Hindi as computer keyboards are  in English script.So what to do to write in Hindi?

There are two ways
  1. Use a Inscript(Bilingual) Keyboard
  2. Use a Desktop or online tool

If you have regularly type in Hindi, you can learn typing on a normal keyboard or have a Inscript keyboard. A dedicated desktop tool can also be helpful. Otherwise for a casual or non-regular use, there are a number of tools available online. This tools are easy to access and easy to use. Just type in the editor and paste wherever you want to use the text. Here are some of online Hindi typing tools.

Google Input Tools

Google Input Tools is a amazing transliteration online Hindi typing tool by Google. This tool support around 120 languages. To use this tool go to  and select language. and start typing. This  have four options. The default one opens a dropdown with possible combination as you press the keys. You  either select the word you want or enter space to write top option. Second option is phonetic, which let you type a alphabet in English and translate it into Hindi as the next key is pressed. Third one is the Inscript Keyboard option with a virtual keyboard support. The last option let you inscribe in the editor and recognise from the options. This one is handy for touch screens.

Google Input Tool

I have been using this tool for a quite a long time. This is a easy English to Hindi Typing tool. To write in Hindi type the word in english and press space to convert it in Hindi. This tool is based on the transliteration. You can click on a word to see more options. Pressing ctrl+g will allow you to between Hindi and English.

India Typing Hindi Tool


Quillpad online Hindi typing tool works similarly to Google Input Tool. As you press a key, it is converted into Hindi. This tool also works on transliteration. As you press other keys it keep converting it to a Hindi word. It also shows suggestion of possible words in a adjacent dropdown to choose desired word. Quillpad editor also has text formatting functionality.

Quillpad Hindi Typing Tool


Lexilogos is a another multilingual typing tool. This tool does the key by key translation from English to Hindi. A good feature of this tool is that it has a alphabetical virtual keyboard which is having all the alphabets and special characters.

Lexilogos Hindi Typing Tool


Lipikar Hindi typing tool works slightly different. As you press a key it suggests some alphabets. By default first alphabet is written but for second alphabet on the suggestion box you have to press the same key again and for third key has to be pressed three times. e.g. s = स‎ ss = श sss = ष

Lipikar Hindi Typing Tool

Web Dunia Type Tool

Hindi Typing tool by Web Dunia is also a good Online Hindi typing tool. It also supports Phonetic and Inscript writing options and Switching between Hindi and English.

Web Dunia Hindi Typing Tool

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