The Blue Whale Game- Things you need to know

A game which has the death as the winning prize.  The menace of Blue Whale game has taken many lives across the world till now. It also claimed few lives in India. The death toll of the teenagers playing Blue Whale game is rising day after day in the country. This game has been a mystery for most of us.  We are not aware of the danger to which their kid might fall. So we tried to dig in to find some data and facts of the Blue Whale game. The internet is filled with the news related to deaths caused by the Blue Whale game.

Blue Whale deaths in India

The menace of Blue whale is spread in many countries across the world. First death due to Blue Whale in India was reported on 26th July in  Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, where a 16 years old boy committed suicide after playing this game. Few days later a 14 years boy jumped off a building in Andheri, Mumbai. On 10th August, 2 boys were rescued from committing suicide in Indore and Pune.  The other cases were reported where teens died from West Bengal, Kerala, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Madhya Pradesh. A 14 years old boy hanged himself on 7th september in Lucknow.

A 22 years old man rescued from suicide on last tuesday at Puducherry. “It is a virtual death trap. You will go through an agonising experience. Even those who seek adventures will be mentally affected,” he said.

What is Blue Whale Game:

It’s not a game, it’s a trap. The Blue Whale game is claimed to be invented by ‘Philipp Budeikin’, a student of psychology who got expelled from his university.  The game started in 2013 in Russia with ‘F57’ which is supposed death group of the VKontakte social media site and caused its first death in 2015. The  player in this game is given some tasks to perform, with the final step being the suicide. It’s founder however convicted but the game still is running in many countries.

How does this game works

The Blue Whale game can not be downloaded from App stores or internet. Internet users get the Blue Whale download link on social media.

The main target of the admins are mainly the school going children. The admins find and contact vulnerable teens or youths and manipulate them to play the game.

It is okay if you will not download the game. But if the game is downloaded, you will be contacted by the admin/curator. You will be asked if you are sure to play the game as there is no turning back. Once a user starts to play the game he has to complete all the tasks.

This game works on the messaging.The curator message a task assignment to the user which has to be completed by him and has to send a photo proof of the task.

After completing one task next task is given and In the final task player is asked to commit suicide and record.

The game admins threaten to harm the their families if the players ask to leave the game mid-way.

Types of Tasks

Some of the tasks given in the game involve self mutilation. Tasks vary from waking up early in the morning to climbing a crane and from jumping from one building to another to carving a specific design or writing something on one’s own hand with a knife or a pin. This game is also being related to other rising self-harm trends such as ‘Human Embroidery’ in China.

Safety tips

As the admins ask players to keep it a secret and perform task secretly. The parents of the teens died while playing the game were not even aware about it. So it is very important  for the parents to keep their kids away from the game.

  • Keep a check on internet and social media activities of your children regularly. You should also check browsing history, call history and messages.
  • If a kid is approached by admins of Blue whale or he/she is playing this game, his/her behaviour can change suddenly. He may remain tensed, isolated or stops talking to family members.. So keep an eye on your child’s behaviour.
  • Also observe activities of your children. If he/she is doing strange things like waking up in the night, watching horror videos in the night, carving something on arm etc.
  • If you doubt your kid may be involved in this game, try talk to him, spend more time with him and take him for the counselling.
  • The Technquest team also advises the parents to educate their kids about the harms of the insane game and request the teenagers to not to fall in such deep traps of death.
  • And the last advice ‘Do not download Blue Whale Game’.
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