Complete guide to setup a WordPress Blog

Internet is the one of the best discovery of the modern world. The whole world is connected through internet. We can communicate or pass information in any part of the world.  Internet also provides us the opportunity to share our knowledge or experience with other people. No matter what kind of profession you are in, the knowledge and experience you get in your daily life can be helpful to other people. If you are a doctor, you can give common health advises to other. Similarly guys in tech profession can give tech related tips, advocates can share legal knowledge, those who are in finance can share financial tips, travelers share their travel experiences  so that other common people can take some benefit of your knowledge.

Blogging is the one such platform where you can write your thoughts and with one click it can reach to the thousands of people across the world. Other advantage of blogging is that you can earn money too if you have a good audience to read your articles. There are several bloggers who have switched to full time blogging from their jobs and now earning in lakhs.

If you want to start blogging, first thing you would need is to set up a blog. For that you can spend some money and hire an expert. But if you do not want to invest much you can do it yourself in less than Rs 1000.

Here is the step by step guide to setup a wordpress blog and get it running online. Before Installing WordPress you need to buy a domain and hosting server and direct domain to the hosting server.


Domain is the identity of your website or blog. Choosing a right domain name is very critical and sometimes gets very tricky. Although it doesn’t matter much but still choosing a name that is related to your site niche or site site content can be helpful later. and  a name that is  Another confusion is to select the domain extension, whether to go with .com, .net, .org, .biz or any other extension. Again it doesn’t matter but either select an extension related to your business type or go with .com for global targeting or country specific extensions like .in, .uk if you want to target local audience.

After choosing a right name, it’s the time to buy it. Always remember to check availability while selecting the domain. Different extensions has different prices. Usually .com domain is priced near Rs 700-800. But you can own a .com domain only at Rs 99 for first year. Here’s how- and offer .com domain for Rs. 99 if you purchase for two years. You can also purchase .com for Rs. 99 for 1 year in Big Rock for first Purchase. 

How to purchase domain in Rs. 99

  1. Create new account in bigrock and login.
  2. Check hot deals section in and see if the offer is active and proceed. Otherwise google for bigrock coupons.
  3. Enter Domain name you want to purchase and proceed to checkout.  At checkout page either Coupon will be applied automatically or you  have to paste the coupon code.
  4. Once coupon is applied successfully, you will be asked for payment.

Web Hosting:

Web hosting  is equally important as domain name. Hosting provides the server to store your website data and connect files with domain name and database etc. So next step is to purchase a hosting plan. There are big players like godaddy, bigrock hostgator etc which provide premium hosting service but are bit costly. If you can not afford there are some Indian host which provide hosting as low as Rs. 500-600 per year. Purchase one package you find suitable. You will  be asked to enter a domain name. Enter domain name you have already purchased, complete registration process and proceed for checkout.

To Login in your cpanel open and enter username and password you have entered while registration.

How to connect Domain to Hosting Server

After purchasing Domain and Hosting it’s time to start setup process. First thing you need to do is to direct your domain to the hosting server where you will setup your wordpress. This can be done by modifying Domain Name Servers in the Domain Account.

Modifying Domain Name Server:

If you have purchased domain and hosting from same provider there is no need to modify the Domain Name servers. Domain always has DNS set to own hosting. But if the Hosting is from different provider then it is required to change those.

First login to domain account. Click on the domain name. Now find Domain Name Server section and click to Modify Nameserver. You will see some input fields with existing name servers. Now  Login to your Hosting cpanel. At cpanel home look for Domain Name Servers.  Copy each one by one and paste in the nameserver fields in domain account. You need to add at least two nameservers. Now Click on Save or Update Button.

Addon Domain in Hosting Server

If you are using single domain hosting or installing your blog in primary domain, the domain which you have entered while purchasing hosting, this step is not required. But if you want to to install WordPress as secondary domain in shared hosting, you need to add addon domain in your hosting cpanel.

  • Click on to Addon Domain in domains section in cpanel.
  • Enter domain name and directory in public_html where you want to keep your files.

Addon Domain

WordPress setup

When you are done with hosting and domain settings, next step is to install WordPress. This can be done in 2 ways, either manually or with the help of a tool available in Hosting cpanel.


Many Hosting services have 1 click wordpress installation tool. It is the easiest way to set up WordPress.

  • Click on 1-Click-Installation Link.
  • Next you will be asked to choose domain. Select domain from dropdown.
  • Keep directory option empty for  installation in root directory. Or enter the directory name to install the WordPress in and click Next.

  • In next step fill up Name, username,  Email and other details. and click in Install button The WordPress will be installed and you will see the user credits.

  • Go to and login with username and password to go to the dashboard.
Method II:

If you host doesn’t have 1 click installation. You need to install the wordpres manually. Firstly you need to download the wp files and upload in the hosting server. Here are the steps

  • Go to and download the WordPress files.
  • Now upload the files in the root directory or other directory you entered earlier. Go to your hosting cpanel. Click on file manager. Here you will see some directories. Double click on public_html next.  This is the place you are uploading your files. Click on the Upload in the top bar and select zip file of the wp files to upload.
  • After completion of uploading extract the files.

Before proceeding to wordpress installation, you need to create a database using following steps.

  • Go to hosting cpanel and scroll down to Database section and click on MySQL Databases.
  • Then go to Create Database section, enter database name and click Create Database.

  • Now scroll to Add New User section. Enter username and password or generate password and click on create user.

  • Now go to Add User to Database. Select User, Database and click on Add. Then grant privileges and Save.

Create a Database

Now open browser and go to you Here you will be redirected to wordpress installation.

  • Click on Let’s Go.

  • Enter all database name, database user and password and click on Submit.

  • Click Run The install.

  • Enter required information i.e. site title, username, password and admin email  and click on install the wordpress.

  • Your WordPress will be installed and you will see a success page.
  • Go to and login with username and password to go to the dashborad.

This will set your blog running with a default wordpress theme. Now  add a theme you like. Remember design is a very important part of the blog. The more attractive yor design Either search google for themes or directly go to wordpress theme directory. You can either upload theme if you have one downloaded or you can select one from wordpress directory.

How to add a Theme

In your dashboard go to Appearance-> Themes in left menu. Now click on Add New Theme. Here you can upload the theme by clicking on Upload Theme at the top and select theme zip folder you have downloaded.  You can also search theme and click on install button on the theme thumbnail you want to install.

Wordpress theme setup

After the theme installation, click on Activate button in the theme page. Go to Appearance->Customize for theme customization. Edit desired setting and click on Save button. Now you are ready to publish your first post. 

Click on Posts->New Post in the left menu. Add or edit the content in the editor and click on Publish button to publish the post. As you publish the post your post will be visible in the frontend to internet user.


You should also add few plugins i.e Social share plugin for user to share your posts directly from the blog, Analytics plugin for keeping the track of user counter and SEO plugin which is very important for Search Engine optimization of the blog.

To add plugins, go to  And here you are ready to publish your first post Plugins->Add New and wither search plugin from the search box or upload zip file after clicking Upload Plugin. Install and activate plugin and complete required plugin setup process.

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