How to download video from Youtube, Facebook or any Other Website

Hundreds of videos are uploaded in the Youtube daily. New released song and trailers, sports and tech or some educational stuff etc. There are many such tube sites where you find interesting videos. Facebook is an another place where many interesting videos are posted daily by the users.

Sometime you may want to download and keep these videos in your computer or mobile phone. But most of the sites do not have a download button. So how can you download these videos?

It is not difficult. You can use third party tools to download videos online. And good thing is there is no need to install any software. You can find many tools online. here is a list of some of those online tools.


This one is my personal favorite and is one of the best online tool to download youtube, facebook or other videos. And it is simple to use too. Simply copy the video url and paste in the KeepVid input box. You will see the download links in different resolutions and formats. KeepVid is also available in Mac and Windows versions and browser extension. KeepVid is also available in Pro version for Windows and Mac with 1080P/4K video downloading capability.


If you are using KeepVid, you don’t need another tool to download videos online. Yet, if you want to check out other tools have a look below.


CatchVideo is another online tool available to download video from multiple sources as Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo etc. But some of the videos which subject to copyright may not be downloaded . CatchVideo also has a Chrome extension for fast fetching.


This youtube downloader gives the highest number of Formats and quality options. Paste the link in search bar and click Download button to get the list of download options. is their Facebook video downloading tool.


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  2. Recently I found out about TubeGeter. So far I had the best experience since its easy to use and downloading videos from youtube playlist. I think you can also find it helpful.

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