8 effective ways to earn money online

Are you bored from your day-to-day work routine and want to live life your way and still have some income coming or you want to make some extra bucks along with your regular job, here are some methods to earn money online.

#1: Freelance Programmer:

If you have a good hand in a programming language, you can opt for freelancing jobs. There are many online platforms which connects clients looking for programming jobs with the programmers. You can earn from 3$ to 50$ or more per hour depending on your profile/portfolio.

freelancer.com, upwork.com, elance.com, peopleperhour.com, worknhire.com and refernhire.com are some of those website. There are hundreds of jobs in technologies like Php and wordpress, angularjs, ruby, python, Android, iOS etc. Internet Marketing is one another profitable niche in freelancing. A number of people are working as freelance, either individually or in a group.

How to get hired: Register at any of the website mentioned above, complete profile, start bidding and get hired.

#2: Graphic Designers:

Websites mentioned in #1 also offer jobs in logo making, banners and poster designing. If you are a pro in Photoshop, CorelDraw or any other designing tool, you can make few bucks in minutes. The process of getting hired is same as #1.

#3: Content Writer:

There are a number of jobs for content writers on internet. Upwork.com, freelancer.com, worknhire.com etc provide the platform for writers too.  In addition, contentmart.com, lekhaka.com and asiawriters.com are some content marketplaces for freelance writers in India. There are many blogs, content marketing agencies and news agencies looking for quality freelance content writers.

#4: Photography:

If you are a good photographer, you can publish your work on any of the photo sharing websites. People who like your photograph or illustration can purchase from these sites for which you will be paid some share of the selling price.

shutterstock.com, istockphoto.com, smugmug.com, photoshelter.com. 500px.com and fotolia.com, flickr.com and many more websites connects you to the buyers for your photographs and pay you for each download.

#5: Blogging:

No matter what you do, you can share your experience or knowledge you have with other people out there. Blogging is a very vast field and you can write articles on any topic.Health, insurance tips and technical blogs are the most profitable niches which can get you very high CPC rates and quite handsome income in turn. The only criteria are the original content that can attract a good traffic to  your blog.

Get Adsense approved and start receiving money in your account. Many of the bloggers in India have switched to full time blogging and are earning in lacs per month. Labnol.org, shoutmeloud.com are some of the most earning blogs in India.

#6: Youtube videos:

Video Making is a very creative and enjoyable job and a source of earn money online. Either it’s for entertainment or for educational video, if you can make videos which attract viewers, you can earn quite a good amount of money. Youtube is a big platform for video hosting with millions of user across the globe. There are a numbers of youtubers which are earning millions from Youtube.

People from the entertainment industry running youtube channels as an alternate entertainment media. Also there are teachers uploading their study material, musicians uploading their work and even House wives uploading their recipes videos and earning in Lacs per month.

#7: Social networking sites:

This era belongs to technology and in technology social media has emerged as a revolutionary tool. 37% of the world population is active on social media. Facebook is the leading Social networking site having third most numbers of active users overall. Twitter, Instagram are the other top social sites. With such a big user base, social media sites have become a favorite place for marketing.  If you can create content that can engage users in social media, you can earn thousands for advertising any brand or product.

#8: Online Teaching:

This concept is relatively new but catching the pace gradually in India. Many sites provide the platform for Teachers and students to connect with each other. Students can learn from any teacher he wish to anywhere in the world with the help of online tools such as whiteboard. If you are good experience in teaching and provide tuitions or coaching for competitive exams, you can earn up to 5-6$ on an average for one hour.

meritnation.com, vedantu.com and myprivatetutor.com are some of the platforms for online tutoring.

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