Facebook has launched a new feature to help find blood donors easily

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Facebook has launched a new feature in India that would help people to find blood donors easily. Facebook has taken this initiative to fight safe blood shortage in India. This feature has been started on 1st october, on the occasion of the national blood donation day.

In emergencies it gets hard to find blood donors. People often reach out to social media communities looking for the blood donors. Starting tomorrow, Facebook users can sign up as blood donors. The process is very simple. You will need to submit some information like your blood group and whether you have donated blood before. Although Facebook will keep your details private but you can choose to display a donor status on your timeline.

Facebook will connect donors with the ones in the need of the blood. Whenever someone makes a request for blood, the listed donors with same blood group and in nearby area will receive a notification. After reviewing the request, the donors will be able to contact the person who have made the request on messenger, whatsapp or phone call.

In a Facebook post, CEO Mark Zuckerberg has written that people often reach out to facebook, asking for donors and checking local blood bank. There are thousands of posts looking for blood donations every week. India doesn’t have enough donors to provide everyone with reliable access to safe blood. It can be hard to find blood donors outside your network.

So facebook developed this tool with the help of non-profit organisations, blood banks and blood donors to make it easier to donate blood. Users can register as donors on facebook and receive a notification if a person or organisation nearby need blood. This will help in connecting people looking for blood with potential blood donors.

The idea for this feature came up in a hackathon. Hema Budaraju, a product manager worked on this idea. Hema’s father has cancer five years ago and he had to have a transfusion every day for a week. Hema  had to reach out friends and family for donors and many people showed up. Hema realised that people are always willing to help, they just need the tools and information to do so.

How to Register as Blood Donor

Click on the link or notification if you see on facebook. You can also go to this feature from post your friends shared. First you will see a information page. Click Join Now and check your blood group if you know. If you have donated blood before then select yes in the next option and click Submit. You will be registered and you will see  a confirmation page saying that facebook will notify you when someone need help and respond if you are able to donate blood.

You can also share this post on your timeline to motivate your friends for the same.

A unit of blood can save a life and facebook is making it easier to donate blood. So, guys register yourself as a donor and help someone in need.

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