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In this era  of technology, internet has taken over traditional methods of marketing i.e. physical or print media marketing. Now this is the time for online marketing. You do not need to tag flexes and banners or paste posters all over. You don’t need for next day’s newspaper for your Ad to be published either. Internet provides a fast and instant marketing option.  Facebook Marketing is one of these online marketing tools.

For quite a long time Google has ruled in the field of online marketing. Adsense and Adwords were the sole methods of marketing. There are a number of other Advertising networks which connect marketers to publishers. The largest social media network Facebook has also emerged as a very useful platform for marketing. The advantage of Facebook is that you don’t need a webpage or landing page. Your facebook page or profile is enough to a large extent for product, brand or service promotions. Organic reach and paid advertising both can be used, which provides better results.

Facebook Marketing:

With over 1.94 billion active monthly users, facebook is a huge user base for the marketers. User spend hours on facebook daily scrolling down their timeline. These users gets the content from the pages they follow which is the part of organic reach. This organic reach can be used for free-of-cost marketing. Facebook also offers Ad space for paid marketing. These ads are circulated in Facebook website and App.  There are millions of pages and groups which engage audience to the content they post.  In 2014 facebook also launched its Ad Network for third party Apps.

In this Article I will discuss how to use facebook for promotions of your brand or product and how to make your marketing effective.

Facebook Page:

The easiest and sustainable way of facebook marketing is Facebook Page. Facebook Page can be very effective tool for marketing if you can build a reasonable numbers of followers.What you need is to create your brand or services page and build your own audience. This audience will be with you as long as you keep them engaged with your page.

You can use the facebook organic reach through your page for free of cost marketing. Every big brand has a large number of facebook following, which they use to keep their users/customers updated about their products. There are a number of other facebook pages having millions of followers which the brands/companies use for their marketing.

Paid Advertisement:

Facebook has a very effective and powerful advertising technique. You can reach to any user, anywhere in the world outside your own audience. Facebook allows different types of advertising methods. You can advertise your post, your page or website directly to get more clicks. Even you can choose either to get more calls or more website signup button. The best thing about facebook advertising is that you can choose the audience you want to reach based on location, demography or interests. Interest based targeting is a very important aspect as reaching to less but niche audience is more effective as compared to more non-niche audience.

Third Party Facebook pages:

There are thousands of facebook pages managed by facebook users, Some of them have p following in millions. The admins keep their audience engaged on regular basis with some content. These pages can also be useful for marketing purpose. You can contact admins by message and can negotiate advertising terms.

Strategies to reach to more users:

  1. Analyse your audience’s behaviour:

    To know our audience and their behaviour is very important aspect of marketing which we usually ignore. Our motive is to take our post to maximum number of users. There are many factors which give varying results. One is the time of post. It is more beneficial to publish post when maximum of your followers are active. The other is type of posts, depending upon niches, your reach will be different for text only post, image posts or video posts. So it is required for you to determine the time of posting or number of posting per day and type of post etc.

  2. Drafting the post:

    Creating a compelling post in a way that attracts more users can give you better results. Likes, comments and shares helps in increasing a post reach. A post is shown in the timeline of friends of a user who comments or likes. Shares are the best thing you might need. Share increases the Posts reach as well as Page likes. Other thing to consider is to create a relative post. If your page is about travel you should endorse posts about travel. And if you are looking to advertise your product in third party page you should choose a page having same niche.

  3. Increase reach by Images and Videos:

    Images and videos draw more attention and result in more user interaction as compared to text only posts which generates more reach. So instead of using only text posts you can design catchy images or creative videos with some information.

  4. Viral Content:

    If you can create some content which can compel users to share that, your work is half done. Rest will be on your audience. They will spread your posts to the audience you can not reach directly. Shared posts also increase Page likes.

  5. Audience Targeting:

    If you are going for paid advertising on facebook, you should consider to target audience you want to connect to for better results. Targeting can be done on basis of demographics, location and most important the user interest. If you have some technical stuff there is no benefit to reach a user who have no interest in technologies. Same goes with location if your business is operating in one country or state what is the benefit of a user of another country or state.

  6. Third party pages:

    If you are going to advertise on other facebook pages, you should carefully choose the pages related to your niche. A descent page following is very important. You should also enquire about page reach in recent time.

If you plan your marketing strategy carefully you can increase your business significantly.

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