Facebook Pages that share fake news will be blocked from advertising

In a step to check the circulation of fake news, Facebook has decided to block the pages from advertising on facebook if they share content marked as false repeatedly on Facebook. However this block will not be permanent, the page can buy the ads again if they stop sharing fake news.

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In a blog post facebook said that they are working to reduce false news and hoaxes for past one year. Right now, Facebook does not allow publishers to run ads on the stories which are marked as false by third-party fact checker. Now this one is the additional step. Pages found to be doing so repeatedly, will not be allowed to advertise on facebook.

The fake news has become a common thing on social media these days. Propagandists use social media to spread these fake news to benefit some political party or spread communal hatred. Once it reaches to a common man, unaware of the facts he believe on the news and forward it. There are a number of websites and Facebook pages which are indulged in fake news continuously. They also use facebook advertising to spread these news and build audience.

These false news are very dangerous to the democracy and to the society. We have seen tension building among the communities on the bases of rumours. And the social media is a perfect way to propagate these rumours in no time. As a social media user, we have some ethics and responsibilities, which we should keep in mind. We, as a common user, can also contribute in reducing fake news on social media. Whenever, you suspect a news might be fake, you can report it to the Facebook.

Click on down arrow on top right corner and click on Report Post. Fill out appropriate fields to complete the process.

Facebook also working on more measures to fight the spread of false news. To disrupt the economic incentives to create false news is one of those. Hope, we all will succeed to make a much informed community and stop these fake news one day.


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