Facebook introduces profile picture protect tool Profile Picture Guard

Facebook rolled out a feature Profile Picture Guard  to protect the profile pictures from downloading, sharing or other kind of misuse for Indian users. By choosing to safeguard your profile picture you can deny other  users copy, download or send in message. This feature also won’t allow strangers from tagging themselves in your pics. However there’s still a little protection for screenshots.

Source: newsroom.fb.com

According to facebook Profile pictures are an important part of facebook community as these help people find their friends. But some women do not upload their original photos as their profile pictures. The fear of misuse of their photos doesn’t encourage them to post their real pictures.

This feature has been introduced in India for now and depending upon the experience here, it can be expanded in other countries too.

How will it work:

This Profile Picture Guard will help in protecting the profile picture from misuse in three ways.

Other people will no longer be able to download, share or send your profile picture in a message on Facebook. This feature will disable right click in desktops and save photo option in facebook app.

Second People who are not friends with you will not be able to Tag themselves in your picture.

Third is the protection from taking screenshots. However this one is not full proof yet. Facebook said it will prevent taking screenshots wherever possible. This feature is available for some android devices only. There is no protection from taking screenshots in other devices and desktops. Though users can add some overlay designs to their profile pictures. According to facebook this can reduce chances of copying by 75%.

The Profile Picture which are guarded will have an blue border and a shield icon in the bottom

How to enable Profile Picture Guard

To enable Profile picture guard go to your profile in facebook app and touch the profile picture. A menu will appear. The last option of this menu is ‘Turn on profile picture guard’. Select this option and you will see the blue border and shield icon in your profile picture.

You will also get option to add design to your profile picture. There are few overlay design you can choose from. These design will reduce the chances of taking screen shots.

This feature is not a full proof protection, it will only decrease the chances of copying and downloading.

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