10 Funny Google Search Tricks

Google search engine is the best search engine in the world today. Google is not all about serious business. its fun too. Sometime google take you serious and do exactly what you type. Google has many helpful tricks for the users i.e. translation, calculations, conversion etc. But there are some funny tricks too, type some specific words or phrases and Google will do the same. You can show these tricks to your friends to impress them. Here are some Funny Google Search tricks.

Do a barrel roll

Type ‘Do a Barrel Roll‘, press enter and see google will actually do the roll. The Google  search page will flip 360 degrees. The same trick can be done by typing ‘z or r twice’.


Typing ‘askew‘ in the google search will tilt your google search page screen slightly.

Zerg Rush

Zerg Rush is an interesting trick. When you search for ‘Zerg rush‘ in google, Red and Yellow O will appear from all sides which will eat the search result i.e. all text from the search page. But here things get interesting. You can click and destroy those O’s and save page from destroy.

Google in 1998

Do you want to see how Google looked back in 1998?? Yes, you can. Just type ‘google in 1998‘ and you will see the Google search page in the form it was in when it was launched in open web in 1998.


Type blink in the google search and the search results will appear with the each instance of wor blink blinking.

Atari breakout

Breakout was a game developed by Atari in which a ball flies and touches the blocks over head. Yous mission is to stop the ball from falling down. If you type ‘atari breakdown‘ in google image search i.e. images.google.com, the image thumbnails will convert in the breakdown blocks and you can play the game here.

Flip a coin

Do you want to flip a coin without a coin. You can do that on your computer. Type ‘flip a coin‘ in the google search and google will flip the coin for you. You will see the result head or tail.

Roll a die

You can also roll a die without a die on google. Simply type ‘roll a die‘ and here is the result for you. You can roll the die by clicking roll it repeatedly.

Google mirror

Google mirror is the mirror version of Google. Go to elgoog.im and you will see Google home page as its mirror image. Everything you will type will be in mirror image even the search results.


Gravity pulls everything down so it can pull google too. For now google gravity is working on Google mirror version. Type gravity on elgoog.im or go to elgoog.im/gravity, you will see google search bar and menu bar falling down.

It’s a lot of trick for you. Use these funny  tricks to impress your friends.



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