Google Search Tricks and Tips for Efficient and Quick Search

Google is one of the best and most used search engine in the world. Google is more than just a search Engine. By using  different Google Search Tricks, Tips and tools we can make our life much easier and save lot of time for us. Google is continuously working to improve the capabilities of its search engine.

Here are some Google  Search Tricks and Tips

#1 Maths  Calculations

If you have access to Google you don’t need a calculator for Maths calculations. Just type the equations in search bar, Google will keep showing the result with each keystroke. You can also use multiple operators in a single equations.

#2 Conversions

Google can do the different types of conversions.It can convert one currency into other, temperature, dimensions, weight from one unit to another etc

167 dollars in rupees

Euro to dollar- Gives the value of 1 Euro in Dollar

5’10” feet in cms

30 degree celsius in fahrenheit

#3 Word Translator

Stuck with some word in a language you don’t understand? You can use google search for quick translation. Simply, type the word followed by language you want to translate into. e.g. “Word in French” or “Word meaning in German” etc. You can choose any language from the Google translator’s language list.  Google translator tool also gives the phonetic pronunciation of the words. define:word  will give you the definition of the word.

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#4 Quick Info

Want some quick info? Just type in the google and have it no time. You can get time, temperature, movies release date, sports event info, games result etc. Here are some examples:

  • Time- Gives the current time in your Location
  • Time in London- Gives the current time in London
  • Temperature/Weather- Gives the 7 days temperature and forecast at your location
  • Temperature in Ohio- Gives the temperature and 7 days forecast
  • Justice league release date
  • Fifa world cup 2018 venue
  • Nba today’s result
  • Roger Federer birthdate

#4 Use quotes

Enclose your search term in the quotes(“”) to search for the specific phrases. Google will search for the exact phrases as typed in the quotes. Google search for all the possible combinations of keywords for a normal search phrase but search for exact phrase for quoted phrase, hence lowering the search results.

#5 Use colon to search in a specific website

If you want to search something in some specific site, use colon after search term. Google will only show the result from the desired site excluding other results.

#6  Image Search Tools

Google offers many advanced options for image search. You can filter search results with the help of these tools. You can filter images on the basis of size, color, type of the image, time when mage was uploaded, and usage right etc.

#7 Calculator

Need a calculator? There is no need to install any application or have an electronic calculator. Type ‘Calculator‘ in google search box and a virtual calculator will appear where you can perform basic to advanced Mathematical calculations.

#8 Timer/Stopwatch

if you need a timer or stopwatch and you do not have any watch or smartphone, what should you do? No worries.. Open Google and type Timer or Stopwatch and start.

Some more tips
  • Use hyphen ‘-‘ to exclude terms from search results i.e. search term – exclude term
  • Find related sites by using related:sitename
  • Use only important keywords. e.g. instead of how to install wordpress you can write wordpress installation
  • Use Search term filetype:ext (ext- pdf, xls, ppt, docx etc) to find specific files.
  • View-source:url can be used to see the source code in HTML of any page.
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