How animation in games is different than in movies

Modern games use different modes for animation to enhance the level of video games. The best method to do is using computer animation using the software like Maya Max. These games are just a play in a controlled environment. The realistic animation  is preferred in 3D games  to attract the players to play in real time.

animation in movies
Animation in Movies (Image-Source: FioLabs)

But still the animation in games does not match the level as that of 3D movies. There are lot of factors to it. Even the same principles and tools are used for both.

Animation in Games (Image-Source:

How animation in games is different from movies

Animation in games is action based whereas in movies it is shot specific. In games, animation  is done at a faster rate in a very short period and also to match the quality upto a  certain level. But in movies it is done at little slower speed to produce a quality like as in real sequence. In games animator does not get time to improve animation skills, he just give the output he thinks suits the character to get a feel. But in movies, many retakes are taken until a level has been matched.

In games users have the full control over the character and the environment. One can see the character and environment in 360 degree. But in movies we just watch it at a single angle without panning or rotating the camera to any other angle.

In games, whole 3D look is to be given to the character from toe to head. But in movies its just like what is in front of the camera needs to be generated and polished. These all are the factors are responsible which makes the quality in video games to go down.

Technical people know that why the animation in games is of poor quality but laymen does not.

Animation is mathematically filtered when putting it into an engine in order to make it less taxing on the memory. This does make the quality a little bit down.Other factors are like budget, development team. Only the first volume of the games takes more time  and reusability of the basic  animation to the same character which saves the time and increases the productivity.

As people has encouraged the efforts of gaming industry. So the developers are also trying to give their best to satisfy the players.

Animating for games can bring a whole new set of challenges to the table, but it’s also very rewarding.

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