How to start Blogging- Blogging Tips for Beginners

A blog is a informational website, where you post article regularly about a particular niche. There are two ways to run a blog successfully. Either you have a good knowledge of your blog niche such that you can create posts regularly or you are good in digging so that you can use internet to gather information in bits and pieces and compile it to create your post.

A few years ago, people used to take blogging as a interest only. But now the trend has changed. A number of bloggers opted out from their regular jobs and took blogging as a full time profession. Some of them are earning in lakhs per months. If you want to blog, you can choose it as a part time or full time job, depending on the commitment and time you can put into it.

You can also go for part time blogging along with your regular job and can also make few extra bucks. But before starting a blog you must do some research, analysis and planning so that you will be able to attract significant visitors on your blog and earn something eventually. Here is what you need to do

Choose a Blog Niche

Although there is no restrictions, you can write article about any topic you want in a blog. Politics to lifestyle, philosophy, travel, gadgets, technology, insurance, health, recipes, entertainment etc. But if you are looking forward for some descent earning in the future, it is recommended to stick with one niche. Niche is the field or topic you want to write blog on e.g Health, insurance, technology, travel, sports, recipes, entertainment etc.

Earning from Adsense or any other Ad network also varies with niche. For same number of visitors different niche can yield different amount of earning. That’s because cpc/cpm varies with niche. Health, insurance, technology niche get higher cpc/cpm while other get low cpc/cpm. So Niche is important from earning point of view too.

But you must select a niche you are comfortable with. You must be able to write good content for a very long time in that niche. So choose your niche carefully.

Blog setup

There are two options for creating a blog Free blog or custom blog. You can create free blog on Blogger or You do not need to invest a penny. But the problem is your domain name will look something like If you want to look little professional you should go for a wordpress blog on custom domain. Here you can read how to setup a wordpress blog in less than Rs.1000. Here are the steps.

  • Buy a domain. Choose domain name very carefully, a name related to your niche.
  • Buy a hosting plan. Connect your domain with hosting if domain and hosting are from different providers. Compare the hosting packages from different providers.
  • Install WordPress.
  • Login in your dashboard and install a suitable theme and customize as per your requirements.
  • Install important plugins for SEO, Analytics etc.
  • Start publishing.

Creating and posting Articles

Before launching your blog to visitors, you must create at least 4-5 quality posts. Launching with one or two posts or poorly written posts can put a bad impression on the visitors of your blog. You should keep updating new posts at a regular interval so that your audience can keep connected to you. Write down 4-5 evergreen posts, posts which can be read for a long time. These posts can keep visitor coming to your blog even if you don’t add new posts.

Blog Promotion and SEO

Promotion is very important component in any business. Similarly promotion is must to run a blog successfully. Firstly add a good SEO plugin and manage your SEO when creating your posts. Use social media for blog/posts promotion and drive traffic. Create facebook, instagram, twitter pages of your blog and invite your friends to follow. Posts your article on these platforms. Facebook groups of same niche can also be very helpful to get traffic.

Backlinks are very important for blog SEO and blog rank. Write guest blogs, comments and add your blog link. You can also ask your blogger friends to give you the backlinks to your blog. You can do the same for them.

Adsense Approval

Adsense is the best Ad network in the world for bloggers. You must get the adsense approval for your blog. But its not a easy task. Getting adsense approval is little bit tricky. There are some requirements for this. The most important is the quality and sufficient content. So write good quality content and apply only after 40-50 posts. Read other guidelines too before applying.

Alternatively you can also use other Ad network if you do not get approved by Google. Chitika, Revenuehits, Popads etc are few good alternatives of Adsense. You can also earn from Affiliate MArketing.


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