Is Mitsubishi Outlander going to hit the market?

Yes, you heard it right! If the reports from our trusted resources are believed to be true, then we all might see, the Mitsubishi outlander in a brand new avatar. Mitsubishi used to be a key player in the Luxury Automotive industry. But now it seems clearly that Mitsubishi has a clear intention to again dominate the luxury auto industry of India. By relaunching Pajero sport in 2012, making it tough for big players and most sought after beasts like Toyota Fortuner and Ford’s Endeavour, Mitsubishi made a sound making comeback.

Mitsubishi outlander

And now we are here with some good news, that after the relaunch of Montero facelift in 2016, Mitsubishi is now planning to relaunch Mitsubishi outlander in the market this year.  The current outlander is the third generation model which hit the International market on 2012.

The all new model is 4,695 mm in length, 1,810 mm in width and has a height of 1710 mm. This model will have 2.4 litre, four-cylinder single petrol engine, having the capability to produce 169hp and 225Nm of torque.

This Model is expected to have Rs 29 lakh Ex show room price. Although there is no official announcement on the company’s side over the launch.

Mitsubishi certainly is a dream brand for many and is very well known for its smoothness in driving and the reputation it holds for the comfort and easiness that it provides in its SUVs. With this key player of the SUV industry, hitting again in the Indian market, it is going to be interesting to see that how Mitsubishi establishes itself again as a front runner among other SUV making auto-giants. Where Companies like Mahindra, Toyota and Ford are already ruling the tricky-tough Indian roads.

Moreover, Mitsubishi also has the challenge of being slightly expensive than its competitors, when it comes to maintenance. But it is evident, that the Mitsubishi is now in a different mood as it is pulling its mighty machines on the Indian roads and might again become the top front runner in the SUV segment.

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