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Do you remember the Italian car designs of the nineties?  And we are sure many of us witness something similar on the Indian roads these days. The round curve just on the head of the headlights. The slim, sleek and lighter in looks engine railing design.  Yes, that thought is pretty much right on your forehead.  We are talking about the new designs which the Maruti Suzuki Swift Dezire is coming with these days. The brand created by Suzuki Swift among the Indian auto lovers is incomparable. One of the most selling names

But if the sight of the new Swift Dezire is amazing you, we will advise you to wait for some months and hold your breath for the launch of the new Maruti Suzuki Swift. As the Maruti Suzuki is launching the next generation Maruti Suzuki Swift on Feb 2018.

Expected Launch: February 2018.

Expected Price: ₹ 5 Lakh to 8 Lakh


The new Maruti Suzuki Swift is expected to come with a lot more changes. Its new design is supposed to make it treat for the car lovers’ eyes. Based on the all-new HEARTECT platform the new Suzuki Swift 2017 is safer than its predecessor.  Also, you can put high hopes on its design and comfort which is going to be lighter.

The grille design is all new and different. The headlamps are sleek and are fitted with LED DRLs.  Which gives it a sporty look, which is very different than the previous one. It gives high hopes for its interiors as well.

The company is yet to reveal the engine specifications. But we cannot expect the all aggressive Maruti Suzuki Swift to go out of performance when it comes to their powerful engines.


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