Patanjali’s Messaging App Kimbho, that gone missing the day it was launched

India’s biggest swadeshi brand Patanjali, which is famous for its Ayurvedic Products across the globe has launched its messaging app ‘Kimbho’ yesterday. The app was stated to be a rival of Whatsapp as an another attempt to promote Baba Ramdev’s Swadeshi Campaign. In the launch poster an appeal was made to accept India’s revolutionary app and boycott the Whatsapp.

Kimbho was the second product by Patanjali in tech arena. Earlier Patanjali has also launched a SIM card in partnership with state owned telecom company BSNL. This SIM is available only to Patanjali staff for now and will be available to public in future.

The app which was said to the Indian competitor  of Whatsapp had been taken down from the google play store. The app was removed from play store after a French hacker named Elliot Alderson had fund some serious security concerns in the app. In series of tweets Alderson had said that the app was a security disaster and he could easily access all the messages sent from the app. Here is what he tweeted:

He also tweeted that The Kimbho App  is a copy paste of another app on play store. Even the description and the screenshots of the app are the same. Moreover, the this app was making request to bolomessenger[.]com website.

After the app was removed, the Patanjali spokesperson clarified that this was the trial version and the app will be launched again soon. He also said that the app had got a huge response and was got more than 1.5 lakhs downloads in three hours.

It is hard to imagine what trial had they done in such a short period but the app has surely got an dose of laughter in social media. Interestingly the official website of Kmbho has also went down.

Hopefully Baba will come up with better security next time the app would be launched.

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