“Snooze” Facebook’s new feature to Mute Friends, Pages and Groups

While browsing our timeline in facebook, we come across different kinds of posts from our friends, pages or groups. These posts are mixture of interesting, ok, boring and annoying.  We all have some friends who have the habit of sharing some nonsense posts regularly. Many times we even think to unfriend these friends. But unfriending or blocking a friend because of this is not a cool either.

There are pages which posts repeatedly about some incident or event, which irritate us. And there are users groups where hundreds of user keep it flooded with some nonsense irrelevant posts. I have left many groups because of this. But we can’t do that always. These pages or groups also provide some good info too.

But don’t worry now. Facebook has come to the rescue and launched a button, The Snooze Button. This button lets you mute the content from a person, page or a person in a group. That means you will not see any post of that person or page in your timeline for the period you have snoozed that person, page or group. You can choose the snooze period which is maximum of 30 days in country like USA. In India there is only one Snooze period option of 30 days.

Now you can save save yourself from annoying posts without losing a connection. For example if one of friend is posting pictures from his holiday trip and making you feel jealous sitting in your office. Or you don’t want to see posts from your ex with her new partner. Just snooze them have a breath of relief.

Facebook is working regularly to make this platform better for its users. The Snooze button joined the other options like see first, unfollow, report, hide to have more control over the content a user want to see. It has brought see less feature in 2015, which let you see less posts from a person or page but not many people seem to use this. Facebook want to keep a user’s network dense which makes it better for its ad marketing. But the Snooze button is more visible. Also the pages and groups will be benefited from this button. Now less users will unfollow the a page or leave a group.

How to Use the Snooze Button

Snooze button is easy to use. Click or tap the option icon in the top right of someone’s post. Now click/tap on Snooze option. In countries like USA, there are snooze period options of 24 hours, 7 days or 30 days, But in countries like India there is only one option i.e. Snooze for 30 days. Once the Snooze is done, you will not see any update from the person or page.


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