Whatsapp has Started ‘Delete for Everyone’ or ‘Message Recall’ Feature

The instant messaging service Whatsapp have rolled out a long awaited feature for its Android, iOS and Windows versions of Whatsapp. This is the ‘Delete for Everyone‘ or ‘Message Recall’ feature, which will enable the users to delete the sent message.

Until now Whatsapp was missing this feature, which put us in awkward position if we accidently send wrong messages to some users or in groups. We only could delete the message from own phone but it remains in receiver’s phone once sent. But after this new feature we will be able to delete the message in both receiver’s phone.

Delete for Everyone feature will work for every type of messages i.e text, images, gifs and videos and all versions except Symbian.

How will it work?

Whatsapp has rolled out this feature in its latest update. Delete for Everyone feature will work only when both sender and recipients have the latest version of the App. And the catch is you will be able to delete the message only if you do it within the 7 minutes after you sent the message and if the receiver hasn’t seen the message.

If you want to delete the message sent by mistake, tap and hold on the message you want to delete. When the options appear at the top, tap on the delete icon. You will see a popup with three options; delete for me, cancel and delete for everyone. If you want to delete from every phone tap the last option. The message will be deleted and you will see the notification you have deleted this message. This feature will also work on web or desktop versions if this feature is enabled in your app.

whatsapp delete messages

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Key points of this feature

  • Update whatsapp to latest version to use this feature. It is very necessary that the recipient has the latest WhatsApp update installed in order to get the delete for everyone operation working.
  • The recalled message will be also deleted in the notifications center on iOS and in Android the message will be updated with the “This message was deleted for everyone” text.
  • WhatsApp doesn’t recall the message contained in a quoted message
  •  It is not possible to delete for everyone messages sent in a Broadcast List.
  • Message can be deleted within the 7 minutes, after that you won’t be able to delete it.
  • Symbian does not support this feature, so if you want to delete the message sent to users using Symbian, it will not be deleted.


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