Top 15 Kanban Interview Questions

1) What is Kanban?

Kanban is a method for carrying the information of status of the work and the work to be done of the product at every stage of Software Development Cycle. Like Scrum, Kanban is designed to help the teams to work together more effectively.

2) Explain the advantages of using Kanban?

  • It helps in minimizing the costs for organizations
  • Kanban will create a work site which can respond quickly for the changes
  • It assures quality control and also facilitates the methods of achieving them
  • It allows the team to reach maximum potential
  • Kanban works at its best when the priorities changes
  • In shorter cycle times it delivers the feature faster 
  • It removes the activities which are of least or no concern to the team

3) Explain features of online documents in Kanban?

Kanban online document features are as follows

  • It pins the documents to tasks and it will upload them to the cloud storage
  • It can Collaborate with Google Drive in real time
  • It can be linked to files on Dropbox and Onedrive.

4) How to link a card together in Kanban?

There are two ways to link a card together i.e, Using tags and Using Unique URL

Using Tags: Once after creating the cards, using the same tag you have to link the cards and by using search option you can search all the tasks linked.
Using Unique URL: In Kanban each card will have a unique URL. Copy and Paste this unique URL in another card's external link field.

5) How to track progress while using Kanban?

Cumulative Flow Diagram is the best way to track progress when using Kanban as it replaces the burndown/burnup chart for Kanban teams.

6) What is Swim Lane?

Swim lanes are the various stages of the pipeline represented as a horizontal division on Kanban Board.