Top 10 Team Foundation Server (TFS) Interview Questions & Answers

1) What is Team Foundation Server?

Team foundation server (TFS) is a team collaboration server used to communicate between the Developer, Project Manager, Testing Team and the CEO which helps the software development process in a more streamlined way.

2) Explain functionalities provided by Team Foundation Server (TFS)?

Following are the functionalities provided by Team Foundation Server

  • Project management
  • Tracking work items
  • Test case management
  • Build automation
  • Reporting & Collection of Metrics
  • Virtual lab management
  • Version control of the code

3) How to know when a report is updated in TFS?

An option “Date Last Updated” will be there in the corner and click on that option, which will give the details about the report when it is updated.

4) Difference between TFS and JIRA?

Lets see some comparisons between TFS vs JIRA

Team foundation server (TFS) provides support to only some of the features in native mobile application development. Jira tool provides support for iPhone and Android and also it helps to track progress of the team and assigning issues for native mobile application development.
By default Team foundation server (TFS) comes with git version control repository which offers distributed git version control. Jira dont have any inbuilt version control
TFS tool has different pricing plans and due to its features like automated builds and source code repositories most of the users prefer this tool with its expensive pricing. In terms of Pricing Jira tool is little expensive, but this tool is cost competitive software package and also feature rich with different pricing plans.

5) How to create GIT-TFS in Visual Studio 2013 express?

Following are the steps to create GIT-TFS in Visual Studio 2013 express

  • If you don't have any in-house TFS Server then you need to create a account with MS TFS service.
  • Once you created the account, you will be redirected to TFS page and to create a new team project and a project+Git, there will two options on the page.
  • You can find the account URL below the “Getting Started.”
  • Specify the project details in a new window opened on clicking the create git project and proceed with creating the project.
  • Now in Visual Studio by creating a new project you can create a local project in TFS (Mark the check box with “Add to source control”)
  • Click OK, by selecting mark GIT as your version and in the source code you can see the alteration made.
  • Now commit the code and in team explorer right click on a file to compare the version differences.

6) Difference between TFS and GIT?

Team foundation server by default comes with git version control repository, however there are some difference between TFS vs GIT.

TFS tool supports over 5 million lines of code. Git is a open source and it supports over 15 million lines of code. It is designed to support Linux Kernel and its development process is distributed all around the world.
TFS tool can be integrated with Active directory, Visual Studio and SharePoint GIT wont support any such.
Compared to GIT, TFS is more secure in assigning, read and write permission to a individual file. GIT repositories are regulated by file system, so compared to TFS it is less secured.

7) What kind of report server can be added in TFS?

To provide a report server for TFS, you can add SQL server reporting services and TFS uses SQL for the data storage.

8) In TFS, When all the team foundation features are available?

For every three weeks Team Foundation Server service will be updated and On-premise Team Foundation Server will be updated once in every three months. We can use the TFS lab and can have customized process templates and customize work items as on-premise version will always remain behind than the Team Foundation Server Service.

9) Can we customize the scroll bar in Visual Studio to the track the code?

Yes we can customize the scroll bar for checking the code changes, errors, bookmarks and we can replace anything that frequently occurs in code. Below are the steps to customize scroll bar.

  • Open the scroll bar options
  • Select show annotations over vertical scroll bar
  • Now choose the annotation you to be displayed.

10) Explain the steps to restore the hidden debugger commands in visual studio?

To restore the hidden debugger feature, we need to add the command back to the command

  • Open the project and click Tools menu option and click on customize.
  • In the dialog box Tap the command tab.
  • Choose the debug menu you want to contain the restored command in the menu bar.
  • Click on Add command button.
  • Choose the command you want to add in the Add command box and click OK
  • To add another command repeat the above steps